The Within

As far as I remember, trying to perceive the within was my aimed sphere and path.

Whether silent or expressed, verbalized or visualized, internal or communicated.

All as one.




Life Creativity

For most of my life I was occupied with various interests and activities:

Arts and creativity, philosophy, spirituality.

All merging into One.


For many years I was interested in, and tried to act within, contradicted scales of life:

sound (voice, audio) to silence (meditating, writing),

'western' to the 'eastern', the exact and planned to the abstract and unknown,

the outer to the inner, the inner to the outer

mentality/emotions/intuition - 

All as complementary ways of perception.




  Visual Perception

My visual focus could be perceived in my Film Projects, Digital Photography and ArtWorks

that touch spiritual and artistic aspects.


My visual wish is to be able to touch and express with visual sensitivity 

inner essence ('State") - and 'BEing in the moment', words that I try to put visual content within.


Accordingly, my photography is slow, while sensing and observing -

while technically, integrating complex positioning of light, space and Man.

Merging perspectives and movement expressions emphasize dynamics and vividness.


My photography also tries to perceive the Jewish Spirit - here, now and as it was.




  Verbalized Words

Words allow illustrating more complex ideas - much wider in scope and deeper in meaning.

Following my visual path (as shared in this site)

my focus in recent decade - is of a two fold paths -

to sketch with written words (and books' wrappings)

Judaism depths and poetic spirit paths.



All in all

I invite you to share some of my perceptions, impressions, expressions and overall creations.




You are welcome to read more

of my making path

in this Article:

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