'Gurdjieff's Movements' Project - Film (/DVD) & Book


Note: for the planned 2018 second edition - see the news page




      Gurdjieff‘s Movements are dances and physical exercises as collected, choreographed and developed by G.I.Gurdjieff, born1866 in Alexandropol and died 1949 in Paris. The Movements and music both form an important part of his teaching, in which Man studies the laws of the Universe mainly by means of self-observation.

      Wim van Dullemen has accompanying Movements classes for over forty years,playing, practicing, researching and teaching. Movements dancer Christiane Macketanz participates in this process.

      Amir Kaufmann´s film allows a view into Van Dullemen´s long experience of the magical touch of sound, combined with these exact and powerful Movements.



    On the Birth of THE PROJECT: Film & Book

    - as quoted from the book -

      "When I started writing the first chapters of this book, I met Amir Kaufmann, a filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist, who wished to make here in Berlin, a new film dedicated to his own experiences with Gurdjieff’s ideas and possibly incorporating Movements. Amir had previously published a book on the existential essence of sounds, 'Magical Sounds' 1. This background enhanced our communications and our perceptions merged into a mutual approach. The idea of a joint project was born."



    THE PROJECT: Film & Book

      The 'Gurdjieff's Movements' became a dual project, combining a new book release on this topic written by Wim van Dullemen, with a film on the same topic made by Amir Kaufmann. The project started in early 2008 when first ideas were initiated. Most video shooting took place from then until late 2008, while accompanying movements rehearsals within van Dullemen and Macketanz's studio and with their movements' group.

      Film editing process and later post production continued through all 2009 and early 2010. The film actual completion date was March 2010 and the DVD version was completed a month later.

      The outcome is a 60 minutes Film, which allows a unique view into two rare topics: the movements and the sound. The movements - with its evolving process from initial choreography research, backstage rehearsals and up to the final performance. The touch of sound: a main substance Gurdjieff has emphasized, collected and used - and researched by van Dullemen for many years.

      The Book turned to be a full scale project by itself. Dutch langauge text was completed by 2012, translation into English too more then a year, and the graphic phase was completed by August 2013.


      2014 First Edition - the market 'package':

      The 2014 first limited edition presented the book/DVD as a mutual package format.

      This edition was sold out.

      More details on that edition could be found here (LINK).

      For further updates and info regarding future film screenings or film availability please follow the news page along with the  'Movement Foundation' site (LINK).

      If you wish to arrange a film screening - private or public, please contact me directly (LINK).




      2017 Update on the new planned 2018 second edition:

      A second edition of the film and book is planned for 2018.

      In may 2017 a new production agreement was initiated together with 'Hohm Press' [link] for a new world edition.

      Planned Release date: June 2018.

      Film will be available as an eFilm. Book - as an eBook and also as a soft cover book.

      For more details and updates see the news page. [link]


      and a slight note on ESSENCE

      - as was written in 2014, when the first edition was published -

      Seven years are closing by on this project, ever since the first idea was communicated (in late 2007) and until today, which seems more then a random number, on the significant eve of the Book/DVD first edition birth. As I feel it, it is the exact closure time of a humblr creation.

      Along the three and a half years of direct film making process, it was an axtraordinary on going experience to merge project functionality, endless technical restraints and sense and capture essence aspects - of the Gurdjieff's sounds, ideas, movements, students, teacher, and efforts to exist. To be? - as an observer, with film tools and space volume, films needs and personal or needed ideas - or NOT To be - and not to affect, disturb, change or pressure. This was almost a constant inner friction to try to nourish from, and refrain from.

      The resulted film was the outcome of these endless considerations. And mostly those giving greater priority to sense moments as they came, fishing them in their genuine moment, and minimizing technical optimisations and spacious-humane-awareness noises.

      My aim was, and so I hope the viewer will - sense and perceive the atmosphere of the movements - before and during, behind the stage and onto it, merged with precious observations by Wim van Dullemen - touching the two topics of relevance - the tocu of sound, and Gurdjieff's MOvements.



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      Wim van Dullemen, 1942,  pupil of the Dutch composer Wijdeveld, is one of the first musicians to perform the music of Gurdjieff in concert halls of international importance. Van Dullemen has been accompanying Movements classes for over forty years, playing, practicing, researching and teaching.

      Christiane Macketanz, 1959, studied dance with a student of Mary Wigman and later learned step and modern dance. She has been working with Van Dullemen since 1997.

      Amir Kaufmann, 1962, an artist, photographer and film maker.